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let us introduce ourselves…
We are and we are here to help you lease your unique urban properties.

Our team members are professionals in the apartment industry and have years of experience as owners and managers. They understand your need to lease your available property in an efficient, quick, and in a cost effective manner. effectively targets those potential renters who want exactly what you have to offer; unique urban living.

Our website features detailed descriptions with specific information and visually rich ads in a user-friendly format. The result is an effective marketing and advertising product specifically designed to meet your needs and the needs of your prospective residents.

In conjunction with we have also created and highlights each of our unique urban neighborhoods and answers the questions that new tenants might have. We designed it to be a valuable tool for you and an information resource for your residents.

We started because of the strong request from our urban clients. They wanted the same great results for their suburban properties as they received for their urban properties. provides the same great services, advertising and marketing opportunities as except it’s for the suburbs.

Thanks for taking the time to consider for your advertising and marketing needs. With over 4 million page views from 64,000 unique visitors each month, we’re sure you’re going to enjoy partnering with us.
our history…
It was property management tradition that when you had a vacancy, a small sign would be placed in front of the property or one in the window that advertised the unit “For Rent” with a phone number. A classified ad might even be purchased in the local paper and the university circular to market the property to a wider audience.

This often resulted in a lot of inquiries from people, but it also required a lot of time on the phone, describing the property, scheduling showings and filtering out unqualified and uninterested prospects. The traditional method of renting a unit was time and labor intensive; not to mention the expense of all those black and white classified ads that barely described the great property you had to offer. There had to be a better way.

Or you could type out a list of available properties and make it available to your potential tenants. While this lessened the amount of time spend on the phone, it now required a lot of time on the computer, faxing, or postage and the showing still had to be scheduled and completed.

With the evolution of technology and the creation of the World Wide Web, a better way of advertising, marketing and renting urban properties was finally here:! was started because the company founder had the same issues with leasing his rental properties. He was in a cycle of vacancies, “For Rent” signs, phone-calls and showings on a constant basis. He wanted a better way to show his properties and target a specific audience; an audience who wanted to live the urban lifestyle.

Convincing owners in the early 1990’s to advertise and market in a new unproven format on the World Wide Web was challenging. The web was just coming to the public and web advertising was very much in its infancy. But those owners who did advertise with did not view the web as a challenge, but as an area of great opportunity. They were right and was an almost immediate success.

From just a few advertisers in the beginning, has grown to become the place to go to advertise unique urban living for owners and the place to go to find that special home for renters.

With tons of photos, information rich ads, a user-friendly format, prospective tenants can look, read and get a good “feel” for the property before making a call to the owner. This results in fewer showings to unqualified or uninterested prospects and more rentals to those who are truly interested in your property.

With a tireless staff dedicated to customer service and client success, continues to grow. With over 4 million page views a month from over 64,000 unique visitors, wants to help you write your own story of success.

Best regards,

      Jay Cheplowitz
      Founder and CEO

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